Connecting the Aircraft to the Ground!


  • Thanks to our partners TDA and Lebrun, we can offer reliable, user-friendly and state of the art products, adapted to highly demanding environments (hot and humid weather) and suitable for the most busiest airports.
  • We can propose centralized or point-of-use concept, bridge-mounted systems or in-ground pits.
  • The Fixed Converters and Pre-conditioned Air Units and all the associated equipment help to reduce drastically the fuel consumption and the risk of accident when the airplane is parked at the Airport.
  • CW SINGAPORE PTE LTD with its partners is able to manage turn-key projects, including consultancy, design, equipment and parts supply, installation, training and commissioning as well as maintenance contracts.

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With more than 80 years of worldwide experience in Filtration, Liquid/Liquid separation and distribution of fluids, Rellumix is a leader for the design, manufacture and supply of:

  • Absorbant and coalescer filters.
  • Filtrent unit.
  • Fixed or Portable units for fuel distribution.
  • Fixed or Portable units for water treatment.

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FB Technology, world leader in Airfield Lighting Photometry Testing and Maintenance Equipment proposes systems compliant with the ICAO regulations and approved by the most demanding DCA requirements.
  • The PAC System is the reference for runway and taxiway Photometry Measurement. Its lastest version, the PAC Square V5, has proven to be the most efficient, accurate and reliable system on the market, the answer for busy airports who want to optimize their AFL maintenance.
  • The PAC Lab system is the workshop version for dark room installation
  • The PACpi system is an innovative equipment designed to control the alignment and the different parameters of the PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) system, as per ICAO requirement.
  • The DICE (Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment) cleans efficiently and ecologically the light fittings.
CW Singapore is the approved Technical Service Center for South-Asia of FB Technology.
  • We provide technical support, spares support, maintenance contracts.
  • We also provide turnkey solutions and service contracts to perform testing of Airport Airfield Lightings.