Streamline your Check-in procedure and improve you Customer satisfaction!


  • To cater for increasing passenger numbers within limited space and Terminals capacity, CCM Airports manufactures and supplies revolutionary Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) and Self Bag Drop Systems.


  • For Airports: 
    • it increases the check-in capacity. 
    • It reduces operational costs. 
    • It optimises existing space. 
  • For Passengers:
    • The Processing is faster.
    • The congestion around check-in desks is reduced. 

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Thanks to our exclusive partnership with CCM, we have supplied various airport equipments in any desired material, configuration and finishes.
  • Counters
Counters, desks, casework and cabinetry, in any desired material combination, for all the transaction functions within the terminal, such as: check-in, ticket sales, information, immigration, customs, gate, bank, car rental, retail etc.
  • Signage
Signage Passenger guidance signs and graphics throughout and about the terminal; building name signs, commercial and special signs, dynamic signage with the latest LED technologies.
  • Operator Consoles
Operator consoles, workstations and associated millwork and cabinetry, in any desired material combination, for ATC towers, control rooms and dealing areas.
  • Canopy Structures and Backwalls
Canopy structures, overhead bands, backwalls and screens for check-in counter islands, gate podiums and any other counter configuration.
  • Miscellaneous Furnishings
Finishes and Fittings. Security screens and railings, glass walls, rest room vanity units and fittings, waste bins, fire hose cabinets, ornamental metals, retail facades, VIP and Airline Lounge Finishes, custom designed products and special finishes.
  • Technology
Technology through design, provision and integration of CUTE, FIDS and other IT Systems with high quality materials and fabrication.